Information Clearing House 20.04.18: The leadership of Bashar al Assad

I agree with Zafar Bangash. I have always maintained that Bashar al Assad is "supported by most Syrians, albeit provisionally in some cases". This means that, while possibly not completely satisfied with Mr Assad's rule, most Syrians have the good sense to see that success in the current struggle is most likely to be achieved under his continued leadership. They know that, when the mercenaries are finally sent packing, there will another election - and an opportunity to select a different government. And they know, too, that Mr Assad has repeatedly promised to accept the outcome of that poll.

Now is not a time for petty, destructive criticism. It is a time for all people of goodwill - both Muslim and non-Muslim - to pull together, and ensure that the Anglo-American-Zionist empire is prevented from "taking out" country after country as it pursues its goal of global domination. For if one thing is clear, it is this: Syria, if defeated and dismembered, will not be the last victim. Lebanon and/or Iran will be next. And beyond those two countries lie the empire's ultimate targets - Russia and China. Thus, it is not just the future of Syria that is at stake here, but the future of the world. That is why we all owe a debt of gratitude to the Syrian Arab Army and those few who have had the foresight and magnanimity to get in behind it. - Alan Ireland


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