Informed Planet 17.04.18: The use of the word 'holocaust'

Although the word "holocaust" was apparently used as early as 1942 to describe Nazi Germany's alleged attempts to exterminate the Jews, I did not hear the word used in this sense while I was growing up in England in the 1940s and 1950s. Even Eli Wiesel (whom I have heard described as a "total fraud" ) apparently did not use the word in this sense until 1963. So I, for one, greatly resent Zionism's claim to "ownership" of it. The word literally means something like "conflagration" or "inferno" and is, in my opinion, much more appropriately applied to the total destruction of German and Japanese cities in 1945. I, personally, would not vitiate the word by applying it, willy-nilly, to lesser events.  


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