Diana and the occult

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Princess Diana’s Death and Memorial: The Occult Meaning

Illuminati symbolism of Princess Diana’s death in Selena Gomez ‘Slow Down’ video

Diana Was Not the Target, by Rayelan Allan

Extract from above: Early television coverage of the accident stated that Diana was out of the car and walking around. The first reports to be seen on television said that Diana was “out of the car” ... “conscious” ... “suffering from a broken arm, a cut on her hip & a possible concussion.” These reports stated that her injuries were “not potentially life threatening, but serious.” These reports are part of an article by Sabre called, “Diana, Accident or Murder?” Sabre began taping at approximately 12:35 a.m. from a satellite feed, shortly after the first bulletin aired. Initial reports were from the BBC and SKY. These remarks and the photos that were aired with them have never been reported since.

Documents in the possession of the CIA state most of what has been laid out above. These documents were summarized for me by a CIA operative. In addition to stating many things that have been in the pubic domain for years, the documents also state the following. Some of the following information is so disturbing that it has taken me two full years to verify it and finally write about it.

• The target on the evening of August 30, 1997 was Dodi Al Fayed. The Palace had given its blessing for the elimination of Dodi Al Fayed, the father of the child Diana was carrying.

• The Palace assumed Diana was about three months pregnant.

• The original plan called for the death of Dodi AND an abortion for Diana!

• The Palace ordered an abortion using the D&C method. It was performed in the ambulance while it was parked for nearly an hour, on the side of the street, on the way to the hospital.

• The abortion was completed, but the loss of blood was too great and the advanced damage to internal organs was irreversible.

• Diana died of blood loss caused by an abortion – NOT from a torn heart!

• The coverup of the truth was ordered by Bernadette Chodron de Courcel, the wife of President Chirac, who was informed immediately and sped to the hospital. Mme Chodron de Courcel is the power of Opus Dei in France.

• To insure that Dodi died in the crash, the K-Team had one of their “specialists” positioned inside the Pont de L’Alma tunnel. He was the one who reached into the car, as if he was checking to see if Dodi was alive. It is not known if Dodi was alive or dead when the “specialist” broke his neck. As he emerged from the car, he shook his head to let the members of his team, who were disguised as photographers, know that the deed was done. Dodi was dead.

• There is a photograph of the “specialist.” It has been published in one of the tabloids, however, its significance was not known at the time.

• Diana was alive. She was outside the car, walking. She knew Dodi was dead. When the ambulance arrived, Diana stepped into it herself. There is a photograph which shows her sitting inside the ambulance. She looks fine.

While it is suspected that whoever performed the abortion was ordered to cause her death, this has not been confirmed. CIA sources state that the Palace did not want her dead. The Palace still hoped to use her to reunite Britain and the United States. The Palace also knew that secrets like this cannot be kept. If the Palace was involved in the murder of Diana, her two loving sons would eventually find this out. It was all right if William and Harry knew that the Palace, meaning their Grandparents, had ordered the death of their mother’s Egyptian boyfriend. They knew they could make the boys understand why they did it. But the Palace could never make Prince William and Prince Harry understand why their mother had to be killed.

If the Palace did not want her dead then who ordered it? And why? CIA sources have speculated that one or two men in powerful behind-the-scenes positions decided on their own that Diana was too much of a “loose cannon” to be trusted. These men decided it would be easier to control her if she was dead. Therefore, they arranged her death, so they could use her image to create a new world religion through which they could control the world.


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