Facebook: 12.04.20: Was Tarrant a Muslim?

I see no reason to believe anything that Al Noor imam Gamal Fouda says. I say that as someone who knows him - I was once a member of his congregation - and who has studied the "Christchurch shootings" in considerable detail.

First, Fouda is clearly lying when he says he crouched in the minbar (pulpit) and observed the alleged shooting through "a hole in the wood". There's no peephole in the minbar - unless Fouda has since made one! But even if there had been one, he wouldn't have been able to see much through it as it would have given him a very limited field of vision.

I might add that the so-called live stream does not appear to show anyone in the minbar. I took a screenshot of the relevant part.

Second, Tarrant (if it is, indeed, Tarrant) appears to be following GPS directions as he drives towards the mosque. I suggest it's unlikely he would have needed GPS if he had been familiar with the area.

Viewers of the "live stream" will also know that "Tarrant" stops once, en route to the mosque, and waits until a figure in red walks past his car. This figure seems to be a signal that he can proceed. Later, outside the mosque, there's another figure in red - possibly a signal that this is where he has to turn.

Now that "Tarrant" has pleaded guilty and disappeared into the bowels of the justice system, Fouda can, of course, tell any story he likes, without fear of contradiction.

Is his story impossible? No, it's not impossible. Mosques sometimes attract psychologically disturbed characters, possibly even one who has a complex, love-hate relationship with Islam.

But if "Tarrant" actually prayed in the mosque, and knew it like the back of his hand, he must have been more than a casual visitor. Did he receive instruction in the faith, and did he undergo formal conversion? If he did, he will have a Muslim name, and will almost certainly have received invitations to Muslim homes.

Fouda's claim certainly constitutes a fascinating development. But as I said, it has, at this stage, to be taken with a pinch of salt. Perhaps, after we have viewed the "Sunday" program, we will be able to come to some sort of conclusion.

In a 2018 Facebook post from Pakistan, Tarrant expressed love for the country - not exactly what one would expect from a "white supremacist". I think he was a typical "dodgy character" who was recruited by unknown persons for his role in the Christchurch drama.

We know he was on drugs at the time of the alleged shooting. He may have also been under some sort of mind control. He may not be altogether clear about what he did, or didn't do, on the day of the "shooting", which analysts believe was staged BEFORE March 15. These analysts maintain that nothing much happened on March 15, except that armed police kept people out of the area.

The Muslims' (crisis actors') lies are easy to spot, as their testimonies are fantastical - and also at odds with the so-called live stream, which we have been assured is a faithful record of what happened.

No one died and no one was wounded in what was, in reality, a theatrical performance. All one can say is that, if some people DID disappear on or around March 15, 2019, they did so in circumstances that we don't know anything about.

I have tried to get information from contacts in the Muslim community, but unsurprisingly no one wants to talk.


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