VJM Publishing: 15.04.20: Islam on homosexuality and the status of women

“Muslims oppose homosexuality, oppose women’s liberation, hate non-believers and oppose the use of spiritual sacraments.”

The position of Islam is that one should strive to live within what might be described as “the natural order” or “the scheme of things”. Since the biological purpose of sex is procreation, one cannot escape the conclusion that homosexuality falls outside this natural order. But it is also axiomatic in Islam that one should not pry into the private affairs of others. So provided a homosexual couple do not publicly parade their homosexuality, they should not (in theory) have any problems in Muslim society. But the reality is, of course, that they often do have problems, for a variety of reasons, not all of which are either legal or theological.

On the status of women, Islam is clear: A woman is the equal of a man, but has a different role in the family. Outside the family, there should not, in principle, be any impediment to her gaining an education, running a business, and possessing property. The Prophet’s first wife was a businesswoman, and he was, initially, her employee. In modern times, Muslim women have held the highest offices of state.

The claim that Muslims “hate non-believers” – i.e. that a hatred of non-believers is intrinsic to Islam – is incorrect. Ideally, the Muslim should regard the non-believer as a potential believer, and should treat him with kindness and respect – unless, of course, the non-believer is hostile to Islam, and makes that hostility manifest. One should also remember that there are some Muslims – the “takfiris” – who hate Muslims from other sects as much as, or even more than, they hate non-believers. Islam is not, and has never been, a monolith.

I’m not sure what you mean by “spiritual sacraments”. Are you referring to the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church? If you are, I would only point out that, in Islam, the seventh sacrament of Christianity (i.e. marriage), is the highest calling. That is why Islam has no monasticism and no celibate priesthood.


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