Corey's Digs: 07.04.20: 'Ghost hospitals' & COVID-19

I have watched several videos of "ghost hospitals" made by "citizen journalists". It wasn't just that the hospitals appeared to be extraordinarily quiet, but that no one in/around them seemed to know what, if anything, was going on. Outside one hospital, an ambulance officer could offer little information. He said he thought he might have handled a few Covid-19 cases that day, but his remarks conveyed no sense of crisis. In other footage, we were taken through a large screening tent that was eerily empty. And at another scene - in New York, if I remember correctly - a testing station, earlier shown (in a mainstream news report) with a long queue outside, was completely deserted.

I have a screenshot, taken from a (BBC) Channel 4 news report, that purports to show a Covid-19 patient being treated in a hospital. But if you look closely at the head, the unnatural hairline becomes obvious. Furthermore, there's a notice on the wall that reads, "No food and/or drinks allowed near mannequins and/or task trainers".

None of this proves anything, but it certainly raises suspicions.   


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