Facebook: 21.03.20: Rutherford backs 5G

Muhammad Al-Baqir The ghost of Ernest Rutherford - as depicted in a current Spark television commercial - thinks 5G is just dandy.

Liz Keen For over two years countries have said 5g isn't safe.

Muhammad Al-Baqir That's why Spark is promoting 5G so assiduously. In terms of its effects on human health, it's probably as bad, or almost as bad, as Covid-19.

I suspect it was the cause of those sudden deaths in Wuhan, which rolled out 5G at, I believe, the same time as the virus struck.

I think we have all read reports of birds falling dead from the sky after the activation of 5G. If these reports are true, it's reasonable to assume that people could also be killed.

But, of course, from now on the virus will be blamed for everything - at least until the vaccine comes along. Then the "anti-vaxxers", who refuse to be poisoned, will be blamed as well.

And in the meantime, the lying imam of Al Noor Mosque, with whom I am personally acquainted, will continue to spout his lovey-dovey nonsense.

It's all a grotesque charade, produced for a nation of fools.


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