Facebook: 25.02.20: COVID19

I assume we all know, by now, that this is a bioweapon - something from nature that was made more deadly in a lab. (The official narrative - that it is entirely natural, and that it "jumped the species barrier" in Wuhan Wet Market - is designed to placate the ignorant masses.) One prediction I have seen is that it will ravage the entire world, and eventually kill about 500 million people.

According to some reports, it can deal a double blow to its victims. In other words, a victim can recover, be well for a fortnight or so, and then fall ill again - or be felled by sudden heart failure. This may be why there have been instances of people dropping dead in the street in China.

Regardless of whether its release was deliberate or accidental, it is a doomsday disease that achieves several of the objectives of environmental terrorism: (a)  It reduces the world population. In particular, it kills old and infirm people, who are otherwise known as "useless eaters"; (b) It stops industry dead in its tracks - for the time being, at any rate - thereby reducing emissions and averting the supposedly imminent climate catastrophe, and (c) It curtails international and domestic travel, and allows the elite to tighten their surveillance and control of corralled populations. 


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