Islamic State Watch New Zealand: 30.12.19: More about manipulation

The presence or absence of memorial plates (or graves) doesn’t actually prove anything. All we can say, at this stage, is that there is no evidence that anyone died in the “shooting” we see in the so-called live stream. All the “bodies” appear to be either dummies or crisis actors.

I am 99% sure there was no police forensic examination of the crime scenes, and no proper police investigation of the “shootings”. All we have, at this stage, is the official narrative of what happened – which I suggest is an almost total fabrication, designed to whip up our emotions.

Not so long ago, the Muslims of Al Noor were characterized as dangerous “radicals”. Now, suddenly, they are being cast as candidates for sainthood. Those who allegedly died on March 15 are “martyrs” who, in almost every case, were mercilessly “gunned down” while trying to help or shield others. Oh, please, pass me a tissue while I wipe away a tear.

Even a child should be able to see that we are being deceived and manipulated.


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