Facebook: 23.10.19: 'Christchurch mosque attacks'

"But one mad AUSSIE commits murder in New Zealand..."

Here we go again - accepting, without question, the official narrative of what happened in Christchurch. There are at least two websites that totally demolish this. Why is finding them such a difficult task for New Zealanders?

I think I know some of the Muslims who "survived" the so-called terrorist attacks. I certainly know the imam of Al Noor, Gamal Fouda, because I was once a member of his congregation.

Fouda says he hid in the minbar (pulpit), and observed everything that happened through a peephole. Absolute bunkum! (1) The minbar isn't big enough for a grown man to hide in; (2) The shooter's "live stream" shows no one hiding in the minbar, and (3) The minbar doesn't have a peephole in it.

Have you ever heard of a smoke-and-mirrors magic show? Basically, that's what we had in Christchurch. And all you suckers have swallowed it hook, line and sinker.


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