Informed Planet 06.03.18: Geopolitics

The Russian vision is (or was) of a "common economic space" from Lisbon to Vladivostok. But the Americans don't want any such peaceful, cooperative venture, because it would put an end to their dream of "full-spectrum dominance" of the globe. It is only by keeping the Eurasian land mass divided, and its peoples at each other's throats, that the Americans can stay relevant and in control. Hence the US-sponsored neo-Nazi putsch in Kiev, and other mischief-making in and around those countries - principally Russia, China and Iran - that resist America's imperial ambitions. Yes, this is insane. But there is no easy way out of the mess, and possibly no way out at all. The US economy doesn't produce much these days, apart from arms, and needs Orwellian perpetual war in order to remain viable.

(By "Americans" I mean the American elite, which might also be described as the Zionist-American elite or the Zionist-Anglo-American elite. To a large extent, this is now supranational. Its allegiance is to itself, rather than to any "quaint" notion of nationality.)  


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