Islamic State Watch New Zealand: 16.10.19: 'Christchurch mosque attacks'

Where is the evidence that anyone died in the "Christchurch mosque attacks"? The alleged shooter's "live stream"  is clearly a fake - a bizarre fantasy for the post-truth age. The two heaps of "bodies", presumably dummies, are already in place when the alleged shooter enters  Al-Noor's prayer hall, apparently firing blanks with a CO2-powered replica airgun. The "bodies", which conveniently lie face-down, don't move as "shots" hit them. One sees no horrific wounds - of the type that would inevitably be inflicted by an AR-15. Meanwhile, no damage is done to the mosque walls, despite the wild "firing". I could go on. There are so many glaring anomalies in the video, one wonders how anyone could take it seriously.

There is, of course, the possibility that this bogus terrorist attack masks a real incident in which some people DID lose their lives. If the video was made the day before (i.e. on March 14), as some analysts suggest, this theory might have greater credibility. But don't hold your breath while waiting for a genuine investigation.


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