April 15th, 2020


VJM Publishing: 15.04.20: Islam on homosexuality and the status of women

“Muslims oppose homosexuality, oppose women’s liberation, hate non-believers and oppose the use of spiritual sacraments.”

The position of Islam is that one should strive to live within what might be described as “the natural order” or “the scheme of things”. Since the biological purpose of sex is procreation, one cannot escape the conclusion that homosexuality falls outside this natural order. But it is also axiomatic in Islam that one should not pry into the private affairs of others. So provided a homosexual couple do not publicly parade their homosexuality, they should not (in theory) have any problems in Muslim society. But the reality is, of course, that they often do have problems, for a variety of reasons, not all of which are either legal or theological.

On the status of women, Islam is clear: A woman is the equal of a man, but has a different role in the family. Outside the family, there should not, in principle, be any impediment to her gaining an education, running a business, and possessing property. The Prophet’s first wife was a businesswoman, and he was, initially, her employee. In modern times, Muslim women have held the highest offices of state.

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Facebook: 12.04.20: Was Tarrant a Muslim?

I see no reason to believe anything that Al Noor imam Gamal Fouda says. I say that as someone who knows him - I was once a member of his congregation - and who has studied the "Christchurch shootings" in considerable detail.

First, Fouda is clearly lying when he says he crouched in the minbar (pulpit) and observed the alleged shooting through "a hole in the wood". There's no peephole in the minbar - unless Fouda has since made one! But even if there had been one, he wouldn't have been able to see much through it as it would have given him a very limited field of vision.

I might add that the so-called live stream does not appear to show anyone in the minbar. I took a screenshot of the relevant part.

Second, Tarrant (if it is, indeed, Tarrant) appears to be following GPS directions as he drives towards the mosque. I suggest it's unlikely he would have needed GPS if he had been familiar with the area.

Viewers of the "live stream" will also know that "Tarrant" stops once, en route to the mosque, and waits until a figure in red walks past his car. This figure seems to be a signal that he can proceed. Later, outside the mosque, there's another figure in red - possibly a signal that this is where he has to turn.

Now that "Tarrant" has pleaded guilty and disappeared into the bowels of the justice system, Fouda can, of course, tell any story he likes, without fear of contradiction.

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