March 11th, 2019


Email 9.3.19: The new world order

The globalist elite's push for a new world order is more than a theory, it's an observable phenomenon. The transfer of wealth and power from the citizenry to the elite has been in progress for a long time, and has gathered pace since the 1960's - the era of the overlapping student and peace movements that rattled those at the top. Since then, the whole of civil society has been under assault:

1. The student movement has broken by the imposition of student debt.

2. The peace movement has been broken by two things: (a) The scrapping of the draft and the creation of a professional military - which effectively distances citizens from the endless wars they finance, and (b) The growing preoccupation of most people with their daily struggle to survive.

3. The labor movement, i.e. the unions, has been broken by various legislative means. In New Zealand, the vehicle of destruction was the Employment Contracts Act, which abolished compulsory unionism - in the name of freedom, of course.

4. The middle class - the powerhouse of any society - has been decimated, as millions have been driven down into poverty by redundancy, debt, foreclosure, and the general decline in living conditions. In my last year of work, I made less money, in real terms, than I made as a 19-year-old. Ditto almost everyone above a certain age in the workforce.

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