Facebook: 05.04.19: Reaction to Christchurch shootings

I find the reaction to the Christchurch shootings - the middle part of the "problem-reaction-solution" theory - extremely disappointing. The thinking seems to be that, if we all resolutely reject racism, terrorism will be deprived of "oxygen"  — to use Ardern's term. But this is nonsense, if such terrorist attacks are, in reality, false-flag attacks perpetrated by the globalist elite, aka the New World Order.

Almost all such attacks are, indeed, the work of the globalist elite, in the opinion of most independent researchers. And at least one such researcher, Nafeez Ahmed, has pointed out that terrorism is actually an integral part of the "system". So, of course, the terrorist attacks will continue for as long as they continue to achieve the desired results - more surveillance, censorship, repression, and control, which allow the Empire to tighten its grip.


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