Facebook: March 2019: Correspondence on Wennington School

Aisling Michaela O'Neill Well said, Alan! Did you know that the matron at Wennington had a large pot of antibiotics which she dished out willy-nilly?

Alan Ireland You appear to have inside knowledge. Are you referring to the formidable Rosamund? But to answer your question: No, I didn't know that. I do, however, remember the daily squirt of cod liver oil into the mouth, during the winter months. Once, it landed on the front of my jersey, which made me smell like a fish market for a while.

Aisling Michaela O'Neill Alan Ireland Possibly, I don’t remember. I was a mental health nurse by training, appointed by Brian Hill in consultation with Michael Campbell, and disapproved of by Kenneth Barnes. I had independent access to the meds, which was how I saw what bossy matron and lazy GP were up to. If you ask me, the whole place was fishy and I smelled a rat quite early in my time there. 

Alan Ireland Lots of facile analysis there. They said I was a narcissist.

The early arrival of some children for the start of term was cited as evidence of the school's success. I just wanted plenty of time to find a mattress without urine stains on it.

Aisling Michaela O'Neill Alan Ireland If they wanted somebody with narcissistic personality disorder they needed look no further than KCB. He displayed all the classic signs.

Alan Ireland Aisling Michaela O'Neill : According to one old scholar who contacted me, KCB lurked in Sugden Wood after his retirement. Deeply unhappy about the direction the school was taking under Brian Hill, he would surprise wandering children with the question, "Do you think I should come back?"

KCB's history of the school, published in 1982, makes no mention of Hill's headmastership, and says several things about me that aren't true. I have all his books, which are distinguished by their unreadability.

Aisling Michaela O'Neill Alan Ireland I told you about KCB lurking in Sugden Wood, Alan, using my old name of Michael Cousins O’Neill before I came out as trans. It’s on your old WS website in which you describe your other schools, etc. I don’t remember for sure but it may have been Hammy who told me. Certainly, Barnes then became known as “The Child Molester”.


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