YouTube 16.10.18: Listener cover story on autism

You may have noticed that the New Zealand Listener's cover story of September 15-21, 2018, entitled "Autism: Unlocking the Secrets", made no mention of vaccination. Until recently, there would have been references to the "discredited" Dr Andrew Wakefield and to his "flawed" 1998 case series paper in The Lancet, which allegedly claimed there was a causal relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism. (In reality, the paper made no such claim. A case series is not designed to investigate possible causality.)

So why are we now seeing the the issue of vaccination, in relation to the rising incidence of autism, being totally ignored? I think the answer is clear: The powers-that-be have realized that the best way to deal with doubts about vaccination is simply to ignore them. They know that any further attempt to smear Dr Wakefield, and/or the anti-vaccination movement, could prompt readers to do their own research and possibly learn the truth.


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