Informed Planet 17.08.18: Terrorism and the Manchester bombing

The problem, as I see it, is that there is something fishy about most (if not all) these “terrorist attacks”. Sometimes, there are, undoubtedly, real victims - as in the early attacks of the 21st century. But sometimes one has to wonder whether anyone died, or was even hurt. I went looking for pictures of people who were, incontrovertibly, victims of the “bombing” in Manchester, and couldn’t find a single one. And where are the pictures of the alleged bomber, who reportedly blew himself into two pieces? Oh, yes, I know: they are “too gruesome” to be shown. But unless the authorities show us these pictures, we are entitled to doubt the official narrative(s) of the event(s). Note, too, that there is never a proper scene examination or a thorough, impartial, scientific inquiry into what happened. We are simply told what happened by the Government, and are then dismissed as “conspiracy theorists” if we insist on keeping an open mind.

I suspect that what we are witnessing is a continuation of Operation Gladio - the series of terrorist attacks that were staged by the “security services” in Europe during Cold War I in an attempt to maintain a “strategy of tension” and to turn people against the Left. Civil liberties can’t be snatched away, and the fascist state can’t be ushered in, unless people are given an “enemy” who is lurking around every corner and who can kill “innocent civilians” at any time.

Increasingly - in Britain, at any rate - people are being told to be afraid. They are being encouraged to become the “eyes and ears” of the state, and to report any “suspicious behavior” to the police. In other words, the authorities want you to constantly spy on your neighbor, because you never know what he might be up to. His pleasant manner, we are led to believe, could be nothing more than a facade. Underneath, he could be seething with all kinds of hatreds. So you’d better dob him in, if you see him carrying too many bags of fertilizer into his garage or hear him expressing an “unhealthy” interest in “alternative” news and views.


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