Possible link between 5G and COVID-19

The key paragraph is:

Novel 5G technology is being rolled out in several densely populated cities, although potential chronic health or environmental impacts have not been evaluated and are not being followed. Higher frequency (shorter wavelength) radiation associated with 5G does not penetrate the body as deeply as frequencies from older technologies although its effects may be systemic (73, 74). The range and magnitude of potential impacts of 5G technologies are under-researched, although important biological outcomes have been reported with millimeter wavelength exposure. These include oxidative stress and altered gene expression, effects on skin and systemic effects such as on immune function (74). In vivo studies reporting resonance with human sweat ducts (73), acceleration of bacterial and viral replication, and other endpoints indicate the potential for novel as well as more commonly recognized biological impacts from this range of frequencies, and highlight the need for research before population-wide continuous exposures.

Article from August 13, 2019.


Facebook: 21.03.20: Rutherford backs 5G

Muhammad Al-Baqir The ghost of Ernest Rutherford - as depicted in a current Spark television commercial - thinks 5G is just dandy.

Liz Keen For over two years countries have said 5g isn't safe.

Muhammad Al-Baqir That's why Spark is promoting 5G so assiduously. In terms of its effects on human health, it's probably as bad, or almost as bad, as Covid-19.

I suspect it was the cause of those sudden deaths in Wuhan, which rolled out 5G at, I believe, the same time as the virus struck.

I think we have all read reports of birds falling dead from the sky after the activation of 5G. If these reports are true, it's reasonable to assume that people could also be killed.

But, of course, from now on the virus will be blamed for everything - at least until the vaccine comes along. Then the "anti-vaxxers", who refuse to be poisoned, will be blamed as well.

And in the meantime, the lying imam of Al Noor Mosque, with whom I am personally acquainted, will continue to spout his lovey-dovey nonsense.

It's all a grotesque charade, produced for a nation of fools.


Email to Islamic State Watch New Zealand: 09.03.2: 'Sunday' program

Temel Ataçocuğu is one of the "victims" of the alleged shooting on March 15, 2019. This injury looks like some kind of burn to me.
Temel Ataçocuğu is one of the "victims" of the alleged shooting on March 15, 2019. This injury looks like some kind of burn to me.

Did you watch the Sunday program, which included two segments on the "Christchurch shootings"? 

In the first segment, we were told that Al Noor passerby Lance Bradford put two people (one of them "Wasseim Sati") into his ute, but took three injured people to hospital. One wonders why, apparently, "legal restrictions" now prevent TVNZ from mentioning Wasseim's daughter Alen, who was reportedly with Wasseim, and who was reportedly flown to Starship Hospital with life-threatening injuries that included a gunshot wound to the stomach. Alen's name, plus pictures of her and details of her case, have been published in many news items during the past year.

Bradford said he stopped because he "saw people lying on the ground", and that, after he got out and started to walk towards the mosque, he heard gunfire. It's all nonsense. The "live stream" shows that, at the time the gunman drove away, there was only one body lying on the ground outside the mosque - that of Ansi Alibava (actually a dummy), who was "shot" moments earlier. So if Bradford had been approaching at this stage, he would have either run into the gunman or seen him leave the scene. But there is another reason why this story is untrue: The "live stream" shows no encounter between the gunman and Wasseim and his daughter at any stage. This alleged encounter is as phoney as the alleged encounter between the gunman and Mohamed Jama.  

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Facebook: 25.02.20: COVID19

I assume we all know, by now, that this is a bioweapon - something from nature that was made more deadly in a lab. (The official narrative - that it is entirely natural, and that it "jumped the species barrier" in Wuhan Wet Market - is designed to placate the ignorant masses.) One prediction I have seen is that it will ravage the entire world, and eventually kill about 500 million people.

According to some reports, it can deal a double blow to its victims. In other words, a victim can recover, be well for a fortnight or so, and then fall ill again - or be felled by sudden heart failure. This may be why there have been instances of people dropping dead in the street in China.

Regardless of whether its release was deliberate or accidental, it is a doomsday disease that achieves several of the objectives of environmental terrorism: (a)  It reduces the world population. In particular, it kills old and infirm people, who are otherwise known as "useless eaters"; (b) It stops industry dead in its tracks - for the time being, at any rate - thereby reducing emissions and averting the supposedly imminent climate catastrophe, and (c) It curtails international and domestic travel, and allows the elite to tighten their surveillance and control of corralled populations. 


Islamic State Watch New Zealand: 01.02.20: ChCh 'victims' are all lying

Sheikh Hasan Rubel, 35, pictured with his wife Afsana Anjuman and 2-year-old daughter Arveen Raheef, was sitting in the front row of worshippers at the Al Noor mosque when he was shot several times on March 15.
Sheikh Hasan Rubel, 35, pictured with his wife Afsana Anjuman and 2-year-old daughter Arveen Raheef, was sitting in the front row of worshippers at the Al Noor mosque when he was shot several times on March 15.

Sorry, the alleged shooter's "live stream" shows no rows of worshipers. When the shooter enters the prayer hall, the entire area in front of the minbar (pulpit) is almost empty. I know. I took a screenshot at that very moment. This shows what might be one "body" in what looks like the fourth row from the front, and a heap of pre-killed people (almost certainly dummies) already in place at the right end of the hall. Anyone can view this picture by going to

All these so-called survivors are lying. They are lying even if they were injured in some other circumstances, which we don't know about. This means that the trial of the alleged shooter in June (or whenever) will be little more than a festival of perjury - the last act in a despicable drama that was staged to expedite gun control and the wholesale censorship of the internet.

Interestingly, nothing I have said about the Christchurch event - either here or on my website - has been challenged by anyone. There hasn't been a squeak of protest from either the Muslim community or its effusive supporters. Why? I think there are two reasons for this silence: (1) Those in power know that the official narrative of March 15 is fundamentally flawed and indefensible, and (2) They also know that 95% of New Zealanders are suckers who will believe almost any story presented to them with the appropriate theatrics.

It's all very, very sad, and it doesn't augur well for the future of this country.

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Dissenter/Gab: 08.01.20: Iranian culture

With reference to Iran, you state: "Culture didn't thrive as a result of Muslim expansion--it thrived despite it." You then cite Jason Reza Jorjani, and imply that he supports this point of view. But this is not, in fact, what Jorjani says. These are his words, which I have taken verbatim from "The Renaissance of Iranian Civilization with Jason Reza Jorjani" (a YouTube discussion): "Islam acted as a catalyst to produce [novel, revolutionary insights] by freeing the intellectual elite of Iran ... from an atmosphere of religious orthodoxy that existed in the late Sassanid period." (Listen from about 25.05 onward.) Thus, it is NOT incorrect to talk about a "golden age of Islam" if one understands what this means, which is that the coming of Islam created the conditions in which intellectual advances could be made. It doesn't mean - and I don't think any scholar has seriously suggested - that (nominally?) Muslim artists and intellectuals, armed only with the Qur'an, hadith and sirah, were miraculously inspired to produce the great works of art and science that were subsequently labeled "Islamic".


Islamic State Watch New Zealand: 05.01.20: Real bodies, real graves?

First, I am in New Zealand, but a long way from Christchurch. Second, I have a picture of a row of graves, presumably in a Christchurch cemetery, and a close-up picture of one of the graves. This has a plaque reading “Tariq Rashid Omar 16195” on it. The number is presumably the lot number. (I picked these pictures up at

“Omar” probably has a bio. But if he does, that doesn’t prove his body is in the grave. He could have died earlier, in inscrutable circumstances, and had his death “assigned” to the “shooting”. Or he could now be living elsewhere, possibly in his family’s homeland, under another identity (or even under his own identity, if he is far enough away). As the Christchurch Truth website points out, there are several possibilities.

All I can say is that – as a person who has viewed the alleged shooter’s video many times, and who has collected most of the pictures of the “dead” and “wounded” – I can see no evidence there were any casualties. The “wounded” have no visible injuries, and the “dead”, as I have said, look like dummies. In one case – that of the “body” in the gutter outside the mosque – the “body” has a head when it is “shot”, but no head when it is photographed later.

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Islamic State Watch New Zealand: 30.12.19: More about manipulation

The presence or absence of memorial plates (or graves) doesn’t actually prove anything. All we can say, at this stage, is that there is no evidence that anyone died in the “shooting” we see in the so-called live stream. All the “bodies” appear to be either dummies or crisis actors.

I am 99% sure there was no police forensic examination of the crime scenes, and no proper police investigation of the “shootings”. All we have, at this stage, is the official narrative of what happened – which I suggest is an almost total fabrication, designed to whip up our emotions.

Not so long ago, the Muslims of Al Noor were characterized as dangerous “radicals”. Now, suddenly, they are being cast as candidates for sainthood. Those who allegedly died on March 15 are “martyrs” who, in almost every case, were mercilessly “gunned down” while trying to help or shield others. Oh, please, pass me a tissue while I wipe away a tear.

Even a child should be able to see that we are being deceived and manipulated.


Facebook: 20.12.19: Qur'an on Stoning

[Mr Choudhary was asked: "Are you saying the Koran is wrong to recommend that gays in certain circumstances be stoned to death?"

He replied: " No, no. Certainly what the Koran says is correct.]

All this is nonsense. The Quran makes no such recommendation. Here is what it says:

1. "He [the believer] exercises control over his sexual desires and enjoys them within the limit prescribed by God for the purpose." - Khan, Maulana Wahiduddin. Quran: A Simple English Translation (Goodword ! Koran) . Goodword Books. Kindle Edition.

2. "And if, after they [female slaves] are married, they commit adultery they shall have half the punishment prescribed for a free woman." - ibid.

As many scholars have pointed out, there is no such thing as half a stoning. Therefore, some other (unspecified) form of punishment is envisaged.

If ancient scriptures, including the Bible, are to be faulted, it is for mentioning only female adulterers. One suspects their male partners in "crime" were dealt with much more leniently, and possibly even let off the hook.

With reference to


Islamic State Watch New Zealand: 06.12.19: The Tarrant trial

Of course, there can't be a fair trial. You have to remember that this is all a drama, and that the "trial" is therefore no more than the last act in the drama. The aim of the entire exercise is to put the stamp of reality on illusion, and to ensure that the "live stream's" many anomalies do not become common knowledge. The only questions that interest me are: (1) Will the "survivors" of the "massacre", who have told many lies in their various interviews, repeat those lies, under oath, in court, and thereby commit perjury? and (2) Will the defence team fail to challenge any of the testimony of these "survivors", despite the blatant falsehood of it?

If this website - Islamic State Watch - were a conscientious website, it would also be asking these questions - and looking at some of the analysis of what really happened (and didn't happen) on March 15. Instead, it does its best to portray all Muslims in the worst possible light, without reference to what might be described as the bigger picture. Yes, the Muslims have a lot to answer for. But at the end of the day - as far as Christchurch is concerned - they have done little more than volunteer their services as crisis actors. Ultimately, neither they nor Tarrant is responsible for the charade that has been characterized as "New Zealand's darkest day", and which was specifically designed to facilitate and expedite a wholesale rollback of civil liberties.

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